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Glow in the Dark LED Reusable Adjustable Dog Collar

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Are you tired of losing sight of your furry friend during nighttime walks? 🌙 Keep your dog safe and visible even in the darkest of nights with our Glow in the Dark LED Reusable Adjustable Dog Collar! 🐾

This innovative collar is designed to provide maximum visibility for your beloved pet, no matter how dark it gets. The durable nylon material ensures a comfortable fit around your dog's neck while securely holding the LED lights in place. With its adjustable feature, this collar can be tailored to perfectly fit dogs of various sizes – from small pups to large breeds.

✨ The benefits are simply glowing! ✨ Our Glow in the Dark LED Reusable Adjustable Dog Collar offers:

🐾Enhanced safety: With its vibrant glow-in-the-dark feature, this collar allows you to spot your four-legged friend from afar, preventing accidents and keeping them out of harm's way.
🐾Increased visibility during walks: Whether it's dusk or midnight, you can now walk with confidence knowing that passing vehicles and pedestrians won't miss spotting your pup thanks to the illuminating LEDs.
🐾Convenient reusability: Simply charge the built-in battery with the included USB cable and enjoy hours of continuous use. No need for disposable batteries!

LED USB Rechargeable Glow in the Dark Dog Collar 


Uses high-quality modern led lights that glow brightly-one of the most effective high-visibility dog safety collars available.

Rechargeable via micro USB-can be charged via phone chargers, laptops, computers, tablets, smart tv usb power adapters (micro usb cable included)

Weatherproof-good for all conditions, adjustable and comfortable for your dog.

One Size Fits All: Necklace measures 50cm (Note: Length includes switch) -Can be cut to any length using scissors to fit your pet! Perfect fit!

Safety first, makes you & your dog more visible at night and in low light!


Color: colored, orange, pink, red, green, blue

Material: abs + pvc

Length: 50cm

Package Includes:

1 x pet dog collar

1 x USB Charging





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