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Puppy Summer Sleeveless Polo T-shirt

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Summer is here and your furry little friend deserves stylish and comfortable clothing. Our Puppy Summer Sleeveless Polo T-shirt offers the perfect combination of fashion and function. This adorable t-shirt is designed to keep your pup cool, while also making them look more fashionable than ever before.

This high-quality sleeveless polo t-shirt is made from breathable fabric that allows air to circulate freely which helps regulate body temperature, keeping your pet cooler on those hot summer days. In addition, it features a classic design with buttoned collar and stretches well for easy slip-on wear.


- Comfortable fit without sacrificing style

- Breathable material wicks away sweat

- Stretches easily for hassle-free wearing


- Sleek white color with colored stripe detailing

- Buttoned collar adds a touch of class 

- Made from lightweight and breathable materials 

- Perfectly crafted to allow free movement 

Give your puppy the gift of comfort this summer while keeping them looking fabulous in our Puppy Summer Sleeveless Polo T-Shirt!

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