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Dog Goggles Motorcycle Helmet

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Looking for a way to protect your furry friend's eyes while cruising around on the back of your motorcycle? Then you need this pair of Dog Goggles Motorcycle Helmet! 

These goggles fit snugly around your dog's head with adjustable straps and feature shatterproof, anti-fog lenses that provide full UV protection. The ventilated design ensures that air circulates freely through the goggles, keeping your pet cool and comfortable even during long rides. Plus, they have been designed to work flawlessly with most helmets.

Your pooch can now enjoy the sensation of wind in their face without having to worry about debris or insects getting in their eyes. These goggles also help prevent eye infections caused by dust or foreign objects.

- Protects your dog's eyes from harmful UV rays

- Shatterproof & Anti-fogging Lenses

- Comfortable and Adjustable Straps 

- Ventilated Design allows maximum airflow


-Fits perfectly under most helmets

-Designed robustly for repeated usage 

-Available in different sizes

Package includes:
1 x Dog eye protection sunglasses
1 x Protective dog helmet

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