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GPS Dog Tracker™️ (The Interceptor)

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Pets are family.  A pet tracker helps find pets if they escape or have an accident.  The first response time is vital to saving your pet's life.  Pet tracker will alert you to the location of your pet if an accident should occur.

There are many dogs in the shelter because they have fled their homes and no one has ever filed a claim. This is one of the most concerning issues for pet owners. They want their children to run and play freely, but at the same time, they also want to know if they are safe and will go home
This is a very good pet tracker. With GPS function, you can tell your pet's location at any time to prevent pets from getting lost. This is definitely your best choice!
Can record pet tracking within 3 months. You can even call the pet tracker by setting the family number. Tracking will not only show you where your pet is currently located. The history will also show you where your dog or cat was before.


  • Real-time tracking, GPS monitoring work based on GPS positioning, tracking your pet's activities, to help you accurately understand their location.
  • The safe zone, define a safe zone, if your pet leaves the zone, you will receive instant notifications and alarms.
  • Check the location of your furry friends on any browser or smartphone. The location of the animal is displayed on the digital map. Pet tracking has never been easier.
  • Waterproof, this GPS pet tracker is waterproof, which means you will not lose your pet's track at any time. No matter what your pet is doing, you can always know its location.

Product information:

  • Material: ABS+Rubber
  • Collar diameter: 6-12cm
  • Adjustable collar: 43-58cm
  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • Battery: Built-in 500mAh lithium-ion battery
  • GPS accuracy: 2-5m
  • Safety fence: An area can be set around the locator, and an alarm will be sent immediately when the pet enters or exits the area.
  • Remote monitoring: set the guardian's mobile phone number to keep in touch.
  • Callback function: Set the callback number. Then click the "OK" button, and the pet tracker will automatically dial the phone number you set.
  • Waterproof design: waterproof, suitable for a variety of environments

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