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Soothing Plush Dog Bed

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Introducing the original Soothing Plush Calming Dog Bed™ - one of the highest quality pet beds ever produced. Crafted with premium nylon fabric and finished with a luxurious faux fur exterior, our soothing bed is designed to mimic the cozy comfort of a mother's fur coat aiming to provide your dog with the most comfortable sleeping experience imaginable!

Product name: new pet plush square nest

Material: high elastic cotton

Product feature: Comfortable warmth soft

Color: a variety of colors can be selected


S 45x35cm / 17.71x13.77inch

M 55x45cm / 21.65x17.71inch

L 65x55cm / 25.59x21.65inch

XL 75x65cm / 29.52x25.59inch

XXL 85x75cm / 33.46x29.52inch

XXXL 95x75cm / 37.40x29.52inch

4XL 105x75cm / 41.33x29.52inch
Inner Diameter:
45x35cm inner diameter 17.71x13.77inch
55x35cm inner diameter 21.65x13.77inch
65x55cm inner diameter 25.59x21.65inch
75x65cm inner diameter 29.52x25.59inch
85x75cm inner diameter 33.46x29.52inch
95x75cm inner diameter 37.40x29.52inch
105x75cm inner diameter 41.33x29.52inch

Dimensions are all manually measured, there are some errors, please refer to the actual product!

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